Sous le soleil du matin un grand bonheur se balance dans l'espace" Camus - Noces à Tipasa

"Demain, je surprendrai l'aube rouge sur les tamaris mouillés de rosée saline, sur les faux bambous qui retiennent à la pointe de chaque lance bleue, une perle." Colette . La Naissance du JourDé

"Déjà mon reflet d'arbre planté devant moi
L'image de ma vie entre ciel et terre;
le tronc qui va profond, les rameaux coupés courts,
le double geste des branches dures qui veut être
un désir d'embrasser le ciel;
0 mes bras trop courts envieux des oiseaux."

Mas-Felipe Delavouet, Pouèmo I

mardi 21 mai 2013


view on Beachy Head from Eastbourne Seafront.

The day that we spent at Eastbourne seems now very far away.

 We experienced the bus from Heathfield to Eastbourne 's Seashore, through the nice little towns and villages of the Sussex countryside. It takes only an hour and Bus is cheaper than railroad in England and safer than car...

  Eastbourne's town center has nothing special to see : several theaters, churches, but not very elegant.  It is not so smart and upperclass as Brighton is.
The beautiful side is incontestably the Sea shore, with the victorian buildings of the seafront : Grand Hôtel ....
The Grand Hôtel


The victorian Pier with the camera oscura

and the magnificent Victorian Pier, white and blue, where we had our afternoon tea with the traditional lemon cake and other sweets....

But before that, we had lunch at Ramsden's, the famous and first fish and Chips restaurant. In 19th  century the first one was in Yorkshire, and it was such a success that Ramsden
started other restaurant all over England.
It is said, in the publicity, that Ramsden's fish and chips is the best, but we did'nt agree, it was quite good but not as good as  at "The Cat inn" in on friday.

The view on Beachy Head and the Channel is gorgeous.
The sun was there too. Sheila has said to us "even if it's raining in Heathfield, the weather will surely be better at Eastbourne, because it's the sunniest place in all England"
And she was right.
Sun, blue sky, happy seagulls, bright flowers everywhere,
a man and a woman walking on the beach with a dog springing around them : chabadabada....
The light was superb, everything perfect.

Harry Ramsden's 

The Camera Oscura


 After lunch,
as we had plenty of time until the return to
Heathfield, we took the touristbus with its open upper deck to go to Beachy Head. One can hop on and off during the tour, to visit the different places : the lighthouse, East Dean, Beachy Head, the sheep farms....
  A strong cold wind was blowing, so we decided not to do the walk to the lighthouse, but to left the bus one hour at East Dean to visit the village, which is old and pleasant with a lovely medieval church, a lot of pastures all around and a green place in it center.

East Dean:   Sherlock Holmes House (to the right )!!!

East Dean: The church and churchyard, so poetic

the light house on Beachy Head

It began to rain on Beachy Head when we catch the bus

Eastbourne, view through the dirty windowpane of the bus. 
to return at Eastbourne.  It was grey and misty, but when we approached Eastbourne we could see  that Sheila was still right : Eastbourne was shining in the evening sun, "the sunniest place in all England"

Beachy Head from the Pier
This was another

             brilliant day in Sussex.

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